Where Is the Insert Key on Laptop Keyboards? (Solved!)

The Insert key isn’t a key we use too frequently, but it definitely has its uses in some scenarios, especially for writing long documents that require a lot of editing.

While the Insert key is a part of every standard full-size keyboard, the situation is slightly different for laptop keyboards. While the position of the Insert key is very apparent on the keyboards of some laptops, it’s impossible to find on others.

This difference is often due to laptops getting smaller, as manufacturers remove the lesser-used keys from the keyboard of laptops to produce more compact laptops that are easier to carry.

So, where can you find the Insert key on all laptop keyboards?

As the position of the Insert key can vary between laptops, we can only give you a list of the possible locations.

  • The top right corner of the keyboard
  • The 0 key on the Numpad of the keyboard as a modified key
  • Hidden behind a key combination
  • Not on the keyboard at all

Moving forward, we will be talking about each of these in greater detail to help you find the Insert key on your laptop and alternatives you can use to invoke the same functionality if there is no Insert key on your laptop keyboard at all.

Where Is the Insert Key on Laptop Keyboards?

Finding the Insert key on the keyboard of a laptop isn’t always easy.

Since manufacturers are rapidly removing keys from laptop keyboards to make them more compact, lesser-used keys, such as the Insert key, end up in obscure places.

Let’s go over all the possibilities of where the Insert key on the keyboard laptop could be.

Top Right Corner of the Keyboard

The top right corner of the keyboard is the most common location for the Insert key on a laptop, in which case you should easily be able to locate it.

While the Insert key is usually a key of its own, it can also be a modified key in some cases (requiring the Fn modifier most of the time), so make sure to keep your eyes peeled when you’re looking for it.

On the 0 Key of the Numpad as a Modified Key

If your laptop keyboard has a Numpad, the Insert key is most likely invoked by turning the Num Lock off and pressing the 0 key.

To frequently toggle the Insert functionality, you can also use the combination of Shift + 0 while Num Lock is active, as Shift allows you to override Num Lock, similar to how pressing it alongside a letter key while Caps Lock is on allows you to insert lowercase letters.

In this case, you should see the text Ins or Insert on the 0 key of the Numpad alongside the 0, but it’s worth trying even if you don’t.

Hidden Behind a Key Combination

In some cases, you may be able to toggle Insert with a key combination even if it’s not denoted anywhere, which is definitely frustrating as toggling such a simple functionality shouldn’t be a puzzle.

While we have only encountered such a case in some HP laptops (you can toggle Insert with the FN + E combination), your laptop may have similar functionality even if it’s not HP.

To find out further information, try to search the web with the brand and the model of your laptop and browse the community forums as someone else would have most likely asked the same question.

If there is absolutely no information on it, you can also try to post a question on the community forums as a last resort solution.

No Insert Key At All

We haven’t encountered such a scenario before, but your laptop may not have an Insert key at all, which wouldn’t be too surprising with how compact laptops are becoming.

In this case, we recommend reading the next section, where we will talk about alternative ways of toggling Insert without needing an Insert key in convenient ways that won’t make you miss the Insert key at all.

No Insert Key on Laptop Keyboard – What to Do?

If your laptop has no Insert key at all, or you haven’t been able to find it, there are alternative ways you can use the invoke the same function without needing the key.

  1. Create a custom keyboard layout. A custom keyboard layout allows you to remap the keys the way you wish, which will allow you to bind the functionality of the Insert key to a different key or key combination.
  2. Use AutoHotkey. AutoHotkey is a software that allows you to create keyboard macros, which you can use to bind the functionality of Insert to another key or key combination. While there is a slight learning curve, AutoHotkey is a very flexible tool to create many other useful macros.
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard. While the steps for bringing the on-screen keyboard up depends on the OS you’re using, you will be able to find the Insert key on all on-screen keyboards regardless of the OS. Even though this isn’t the most convenient solution, you can always use it as a last resort if nothing else works.

Where is the Insert Key on an HP Laptop?

On some HP laptops (such as Elite x2), you may notice that none of the keys on the keyboard mention the Insert key in any shape or form.

In this case, even though there is no sign of the Insert key anywhere, there is a hidden combination you can use to activate the Insert mode.

If your HP laptop does not have an Insert key, you can activate the Insert functionality by pressing the key combination of FN and E.

While we don’t know why HP decided to hide this functionality behind a combination that they don’t even mention anywhere, the good news is that your laptop has an Insert key, after all.

How Do I Get My HP Laptop Out of Insert Mode?

Getting your HP laptop out of Insert mode works the same way as deactivating the Insert mode on any other keyboard, which is by pressing the Insert key again.

If you have an HP laptop that doesn’t have an Insert key and you think you have activated the Insert mode by accident, try to press the key combination of FN and E to disable it.

This combination toggles the Insert functionality in some HP laptops, such as the Elite x2, even though we haven’t seen any mention of it other than the HP community forums.

Wrapping Up

Despite the Insert key not being one of the most vital keys on the keyboard, its absence can definitely be frustrating when the need for it eventually comes up, especially if it’s the first time you’re noticing that the Insert key of your laptop is nowhere to be seen.

While it’s rare for a laptop keyboard not to have an Insert key at all (it’s usually hidden somewhere), there are always alternative ways you can use to activate the same functionality, so it’s not too big of an issue.

We hope that we helped you to find the Insert key on your laptop or a suitable alternative that worked just as well!